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In recent decades, scientific research has continued to make fantastic progress. Many of the technological innovations resulting from this work have the potential to transform society and daily life. They range from medicine to robotics to quantum physics. Here are some of these impressive technological innovations.

Genetic medicine for tailor-made medicine

Thanks to the tremendous progress in genetic medicine, it is now possible to design and develop a personalized treatment for a single patient suffering from a rare and/or incurable genetic disease.

Rapid advances in genetic sequencing and editing techniques have made it possible to develop such a tailor-made therapy. For example, a patient named Mila Makovec received personalized treatment for a rare and fatal genetic brain disease in 2021.The aim is to restore the function of the defective gene. To date, the high cost of development remains an obstacle to its development and widespread use.

Cryptomoney and virtual currencies of the future

Digital currencies, much better known as cryptomoney, are not really a recent technological innovation. With the collapse in 2021 of Bitcoin, the main digital currency, electronic currencies were almost doomed to disappear.

Nevertheless, Facebook's announcement to launch its universal digital currency gave them a second wind. Called Libra, this project relies on the 2 billion users of the social network to ensure its success. This has aroused the interest of the biggest financial players. Thus, the People's Bank of China is planning to create its own cryptomonnaie, while the Banque de France is thinking of a "euro digital" project.

Technological innovations in favour of inclusion

With a view to inclusion, the researchers have also designed various innovations to adapt the environment to people with disabilities.

The connected watch that speaks in Braille to its user is one of these innovations. Called Dot Watch, it is equipped with a modern and interactive interface. In addition to telling the time, it allows visually impaired people to receive calls and read messages. In addition, there is now home automation for people with reduced mobility.

This is the case with the JIB Smart Home. This connected home device makes it possible to significantly improve their daily lives, such as voice control of home equipment.

Robots made from frog stem cells

Most recently, a team of researchers at the University of Vermont led by Joshua Bongard and Michael Levin succeeded in creating the world's first programmable organism from frog stem cells. They dubbed them "xenobots," after the African clawed frog "xenopus laevis. Using an algorithm, the scientists created a robotic organism less than a millimetre wide.

As a result, the "xenobots" have the ability to evolve inside the human body and survive within weeks.

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