The colour white as the protagonist of the Scandinavian style

The Nordic style is one of the most celebrated decoration systems nowadays and it has more and more followers thanks to the pleasant and cosy result it offers with a great importance given to order and light without losing the homely warmth that makes any room more attractive. For all those who wish to opt for this type of decoration to give life and elegance to their home, these small advices will be of great help. The well-known as Scandinavian style has a very peculiar aesthetic that manages to contribute a different touch with a great load of light and a great protagonism of the white color, as well as of the clear woods. The naturalness of the organic material and the warmth of the wood are thus combined with a very subtle touch of modernity in the cleanliness and purity of the white and smooth finish surfaces.

To highlight the forms of the composition it is convenient to subtly add other tones and play with the wood to create lines and differentiated spaces, thus providing a touch of value to the whole. As already mentioned, light also plays a fundamental role in Scandinavian-style decoration and must be taken into account as an essential protagonist in an intimate relationship with the play of chromatic purity. Thus, betting on emphasizing natural light to the maximum will be essential to achieve the aesthetic closer to the style we are looking for. As for the artificial lights, they will be used as a support in those rooms that do not have good natural lighting.

LED lamps with white light are an excellent option to achieve a correct illumination with the minimum cost and with an infinite variety of possibilities. The white color alludes to the winter snow in northern countries and manages to collect the greatest amount of light to give life to the interiors in areas where the sun is not the protagonist. Taking the criteria of the Nordic style to adapt, personalize and modify it to the taste of each person is of great interest as a means of decorating the home anywhere in the world.

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