Social media videos as a digital marketing strategy

Digital marketing is one of the most profitable ways to expand a business and attract a larger clientele. In terms of ways to attract new customers, videos, especially those on social networks, are one of the most valuable marketing resources and work very effectively, if well done. As important as content writing for SEO, videos will improve interaction with potential customers and achieve good results for a business.

Why make

videos in social networks? Social networks are one of the most profitable places to advertise a business because of the high user traffic and the likelihood that these users will become customers of a brand.

However, in order to attract the public to a website, it is necessary to generate content that arouses the interest of followers and redirects them to the page in question. Social networks are characterized as sites where information sharing must be as concise as possible; if users had to choose between a text and a video, they would certainly choose the latter alternative. Videos on social networks are even replacing television content. For this reason, it is now much more profitable to conduct a digital marketing campaign on social networks than to invest in television advertising.

The truth is that more and more people are creating profiles in social networks such as Instagram or Facebook and, as audiovisual content is available at all times and can be transmitted through various devices, these channels are increasingly suitable for advertising a business and attracting users to a brand.

How to improve video contentBefore

anything else, video content must quickly capture the user's attention. Otherwise, they will not be interested and will continue to scroll through other publications. On the other hand, the duration of the video should not be longer than 15 seconds to have a greater impact. The same goes for the footer that accompanies it: it should not exceed 100 characters so that the user does not get bored and wants to see the content.

As these videos are focused on advertising a product, service or brand, it is important that they appear from the beginning. By focusing on the product in question, they improve the chances that the user will be interested in the content. On the other hand, the audience should connect with the product and then show how it is used. Videos with positive interaction are 40 percent more likely to get a favorable user response.

Finally, it is advisable to dispense with audio in videos published on social networks. This is because, many times, users cannot play videos with sound depending on where they are. Instead, visual descriptions are preferred and it is essential that the logo of the enterprise is visible at all times.

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