Image and logos in the e-commerce sector

The role of image in the digital age is incredible and, looking around, we easily realize that we live a daily life where exposure to visual stimuli happens full-time. The creation of an online store has to consider these kinds of elements if you want to stand out from all your competitors and achieve success. Know the aspects related to image that concern digital entrepreneurs and what the role of the logo in e-commerce. Technology is the main word of our century.

Digital advances over the last two decades have been incredibly fast and this has led to everything changing in our daily lives.Our way of communicating and interacting with others has changed intensely and the very ease of being in contact with the rest of the world has led to the globalized world entering our homes and taking root in our cultures.One of the strong changes that have taken place around the globe has been the importance of image. Showcases, screens in the streets, design options, artistic expression: all this has come to play a more important (and also more frequent) role in our lives. The impact of image in our days makes it evident that it is also important for companies. In the case of digital stores, image is of utmost importance to establish contact between the business and its public.

From the basic principles of web design, to the very creation of an identity and the exposure of content, there are several aspects to consider to ensure the success of an e-commerce space. Of course, knowing the relevance of this content, there is no shortage of entrepreneurs who are strongly dedicated to the image of their store, hiring companies and creatives or opting to look for information about. Today, we look at some of the visual aspects that should not be forgotten by those who work online.

The logo: visual identity of the brand

Like the name or the slogan, the logo also appears as a fundamental part of the brand identity. This element is an image, usually original and appealing, which serves to generate interest in consumers and for them to identify, even without seeing the name and without textual content, which brand refers to the products.

This image should consider the interests of the target audience, be distinct from others and still follow the trends and fashions of the moment. The way a product


presented helps to create curiosity, interest and also trust in the client. Thus, it is important that the photos are as realistic as possible and have an original stamp, which helps the consumer to understand that they were not just taken from image banks.


be simpler for the client and more intuitive in its use, the sites should consider aspects related to their construction. For greater accessibility, it is essential that there is a version of the sites adapted to mobile devices, and Brazilian consumers prefer to buy from the cell phone.

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