Are we men more enterprising than women?

Nowadays there is much talk about entrepreneurship as one of the main job opportunities and one of the safest formulas to develop a professional's career within his environment. But, with all the complexity that a company presents, are women less likely to start their own business? Is it a field still dominated by men? Maybe before the answer to both questions was yes, however, in recent years a social change has developed that has resulted in a variation in the gender and profile of entrepreneurs in this country. If before women entrepreneurs were generally in the group with low academic training and an age of around 40, today we can find a significant number of young women who decide to start their own business based on their university studies. It is important to point out in this respect that, if in the 1980s women who went to university accounted for less than 7% of the total, today this figure is 33%, surpassing that of men in many studies.

However, there are many other factors that have been strengthened with the arrival of the crisis and that, in spite of walking towards modernity as a society, men in this country do not suffer to the same extent from the conditions that push them to undertake. In all cases, both in new companies created by men and those started by women, the online sector has a great presence as a way of professional development for both sexes. The characteristics of business on the Internet make it easier to understand the complexity of a business and to make it known in a relatively simple way through online marketing strategies, always taking into account a good SEO optimization for which you can count on the help of a professional company in the sector. On the contrary, now women, who are able to develop their working life as professionals, have placed themselves at the same level as men and share a similar position in the world of entrepreneurship.

Now they have caught up and are able to successfully manage their business, negotiate with customers, optimize their websites efficiently and ultimately develop their business independently and successfully.

Kyleigh Lavoie
Kyleigh Lavoie

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